Dr. Rainbow is a proud conception of Covenant House, a nonprofit centered in Charleston, WV.

Its creation is in thanks to the dedicated WV Tobacco Prevention Program staff, who supported and rallied behind Covenant House’s radical idea that if we link people to culturally competent healthcare, we can reduce health disparities, including smoking related illnesses.  Since Covenant House’s inception, our core mission has been to serve those individuals with the fewest resources, advocate on their behalf, and ensure they have a voice in the policy making process.

In building Dr. Rainbow, Covenant House travelled to every corner of the state to reach out to our LGBTQ community. Our resource guide is composed of the voices from our queer communities in Wheeling, Morgantown, Kingswood, Charleston, Huntington, Lewisburg, Fayetteville, Shepherdstown, and beyond. We participated at community events and visited queer spaces throughout the state asking our LGBTQ family to identify what healthcare providers they personally use who are LGBTQ culturally competent and affirming. In addition, we travelled across the state conducting cultural competency trainings for providers, and conducting outreach to providers interested in joining our movement. Along our journey to find healthcare providers we listened to the feedback of everyone who participated. We also created a general statewide resource guide to help reduce isolationism and link people to support systems throughout the state. Dr. Rainbow’s information is not based on algorithms, but on real West Virginians coming forward to highlight the wonderful healthcare providers and community resources who “welcome all kinds.”  

Dr. Rainbow can’t stop all stigma and discrimination. It won’t magically fix everything, but this is where we begin to rewrite our story. This is where we come together to take care of each other and help link each other to the best West Virginia has to offer, because it’s good to be queer in the mountain state. 

Dr. Rainbow is a testament to every fearless LGBTQ West Virginian who shared their healthcare story and kept us going to make this resource happen. 


Covenant House has a long and proud history as advocates for both rural health and LGBTQ rights. In 1982 our organization assisted with the development of West Virginia Health Right, a free clinic, by granting them free office and operational space.

Covenant House in the 1980s stood up to discrimination and opened the only comprehensive resource program for people living with HIV/AIDS. From the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Covenant House has fought tirelessly to ensure West Virginians living with the disease have access to healthcare and housing. In addition, we filed an amicus brief in West Virginia’s Supreme Court which stated, “All people in West Virginia have a right to shelter, food, and medical care.” 

West Virginia was the second state in the nation to provide these basic rights. 

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Covenant House of West Virginia is dedicated to working for justice by offering direct services for people in need while creating social change through advocacy and education.

Covenant House is dedicated to social justice through our efforts to eradicate hunger, homelessness, and poverty. Our diverse faith, cultural, and belief traditions unite us in reaching out to those in need, irrespective of race, class, gender, religion, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, or national origin.